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FSP 250-60ATV-1A 250 watt atx power supply $36.99!

FSP 250-60ATV-1A 250 watt atx power supply $36.99!

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The FSP250-60ATV-1A 250 watt atx power supply replaces literally hundreds of oem computer power supplies. Many Compaq, Dell and HP computers use this power supply because of its universal four wire video connector. If you need the connector, use it. If not, just leave it unhooked. This computer power supply is well known for its high quality and long life.

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  • * ATX Form factor
  • * 6.00" Wide X 3.25" Tall X 5.5 " Deep
  • * One ATX 2.03 connector (20 pin)
  • * One 12V connector for P4 motherboards
  • * Five IDE 4 PIN connectors
  • * Two Floppy 4 PIN connectors
  • * One AUX connector
  • * One Video Power connector
  • Output Max. Load
  • +3.3V 20.0A
  • +5V 27.0A
  • +12VDC 17.0A
  • -12V 0.8A
  • -5V 0.3A
  • +5Vsb 2.0A