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Dell UP957 PowerEdge 1950 Power Supply - NEW

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Product Description:

This 670 watt power supply is the latest replacement for Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers. The main difference between this Dell PowerEdge power supply and others you may find is that ours is new. Any power supplies you find on the internet that have anything other than Dell part number 430-2244 are most likely used or refurbished. This power supply is an upgrade replacement to other Dell server power supplies shown in the list below.
Technical Specs:

* 2.75" Wide X 1.375" High X 13.75" Deep
* Replaces power supplies in Dell PowerEdge 1950 Servers

Output Max. Load
+12V 54.4A
+3.3Vsb 5.25A
  • 1. Replaces power supplies in Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers
  • 2. New, not used or refurbished.