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FSP Group 460 Watt Power Supply

FSP Group 460 Watt Power Supply

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Item Information
Technical Specs:

* ATX Form Factor
* 6.00" Wide X 3.25" Tall X 5.5 " Deep
* One ATX connector (20/24 pin)
* One 12V connector for P4 motherboards
* One 8 PIN CPU connector
* Four 4 PIN Molex connectors
* One Floppy 4 PIN connector
* One PCI Express connector
* Two SATA connectors

Output Max. Load
+3.3V 30.0A
+5V 30.0A
+12V1 16.0A
+12V2 18.0A
+5Vsb 2.5A
-12V 0.8A
  • 1. Hi performance upgrade for increasing power demands.
  • 2. Seven types of connectors for high compatibility
  • 3. Integrated noise killer
  • 4. RoHS compliant
  • Product Description:
  • Have you ever seen a power supply with so many connectors? The FSP460-60GLC has lots of connectors making this power supply highly compatible to fit just about any configuration. In addition to being a high quality psu upgrade for standard computers, the power supply is also compatible with lots of Dell, Gateway, Hp, and Compaq computers.