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FSP ATX-300GU - 300 Watt ATX Power Supply $37.99 NEW

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As one of the most popular computer power supplies in the world, the ATX-300GU powers millions of electronics. As a matter of fact if you see the power supply cross reference chart below this power supply replaces several hundred on our list. This power supply has an integrated noise killer for quiet operation.
  • * ATX Form factor
  • * 6" Wide X 3.5" Tall X 5.5" Deep
  • * One ATX 2.03 connector (20 pin)
  • * One 12V connector for P4 motherboards
  • * Five IDE 4 PIN connectors
  • * Two Floppy 4 PIN connectors
  • * One AUX connector
  • Output Max. Load
  • +5Vsb 2A
  • -12V 0.3A
  • +12V 13A
  • +5V 30A
  • -5V 0.3A
  • +3.3V 20A