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Oct 20, 2004 - New Models released | Alien | Spider | Blade | Gaurdian

Sept 19, 2004

NEWATX CASE Models in next 20 days to be launched

Aug 31, 2004

ATXCASES- Will be launching new EURO Partner website in next 30 days

July 11, 2004

ATXCASES-will be launching 10 new cool Mod Gamer cases in the next 5 days.

June 21, 2004


March 15, 2004

ATXCASES- Welcome new Sales and Accounts Manager to our staff Paul Gold he brings 40 years of International Business managment and ownership to our company.

Jan 14, 2004

ATXCASES- Opening new PC Store and Computer Repair shop in Miami Beach Feb 2004

DEC 4, 2003

ATXCASESwishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season we will work hard to get all your holiday needs on time to you. Again thank you to the over 70,000 customers in 2003 :)

DEC 1, 2003


NOV 15, 2003

Check out the November and December Issue of Maximum PC Magazine Featuring ATXCASES

OCT 27, 2003

ATXCASESlaunches LIVE SUPPORT section to our Sales and Support tools.

Oct 15, 2003

ATXCASESFeatured in Maximun PC Magazine "How to Build a PC" Special Edition.

July 28, 2003

Over 5500 cases in stock ready to ship with 8 new models added today.

March 13, 2003

Review off the ATXCASES Web ATX Case. Click Here

March 11,2003

Review of the MARS-X Click Here

March 10,2003

ATXCASESSponsors ECES gaming tournement Click Here

March 5,2003

ATXCASESsoon to launch new realtime chat customer service web interface

March 1, 2003

PC Upgrade Magazine- Cover article featuring ATXCASES with a 5 page layout on Case Mod on stands KNOW

Nov 14, 2002

- Review off the 202 Stealth X PC Case Click Here

Nov 12, 2002

ATXCASES- **update** 3600+ cases now in-stock full inventory off our exclusive cases Click Here

Nov 11, 2002

GideonTech- Review off the 202 Stealth X PC Case Click Here

Nov 10, 2002

PC Upgrade Magazine- Features ATXCASES 105 Ebony XP ATX Case on stands 12/10

Nov 9, 2002

Computer Show Nov 24 ATXCASES will be present with a huge selection off cases at discount show pricing.

Nov 8, 2002

Review off the 202 Stealth X PC Case released Click Here

Nov 6, 2002

3DVelocity Review off the 106 X-Bee PC Case released Click Here

Nov 5, 2002

Review off the 102 Roswell-X PC Case released Click Here

OCT 10, 2002

Review off the 104 Platium XP ATX Case released Click Here

Oct 5, 2002

Review off the 202 Stealth X PC Case released Click Here

Sept 10, 2002

ATXCASES signs exclusive partnerships in china to manufactor 30 new exciting case designs.

Check back soon to see our new exotic atx cases.

July 12, 2002

review off the 101 X-Wing Click Here

June 09, 2002

10,000 th order reached since we launched our new database driven website in November 2001.

Congradulations to Mr. Casparro from NJ he wins a free 400watt power supply and some extra cooling for being order number 10,000.May 19, 2002

3DGAMEMAN Video review of the 101 X-Wing Click Here

May 5, 2002

review of the 101 X-Wing case Click Here

May 4, 2002

review of the 101 X-Wing case Click Here

May 2, 2002 review of the 101 X-Wing case Click Here

April 19, 2002

ATXCASES will be at Computer Show this weekend 4\21\02 this Sunday stop out and see all the great cases and meet the staff..

March 25, 2002

A1 Electronic UK Review of many of ATXCASES great Cases Click Here

February 19, 2002

1701 Bargain case review "$25" Read why this is the best $25 you could spend Click Here

February 18, 2002 review of the great Eclipse Case. Click Here

February 15, 2002

Noblesse review find out why the Noblesse is so popular Click Here

February 10, 2002

Great rounded IDE cable review Click Here

February 05, 2002

Our CodegenR 350watt power supply review Click Here Click Here

January 28, 2002

3DGAMEMAN Video review of the 404 Eclipse Click Here

January 21, 2002

GREAT Review of L&C 350 Watt Power Supply Click Here

also this week a great ZEUS case review Click Here

ATXCASES would like to thank all the great people we met at the Computer Show we met this weekend.

Pictures: 1

January 18, 2002

Review of the NOBLESSE Click Here

January 16, 2002

Read the newest review of the 502 ATC black case Click Here

January 15, 2002

Great review of the 307 Zeus side window Case Click Here

January 6,2002 Review of the 1604 Server Case Click Here

January 1, 2002

GREAT Review of the NOBLESSE Click Here

November 15, 2001

New review out on the IMT MAX case Click Here

November 08,2001

New review out on the AWESOME 501 Millennium case Click Here

October 26, 2001

Reviews the New USB Lian-Li Silver Click HereOctober 20, 2001

Reviews the 505 Predator Click Here

They also review our Black Scroll Mouse Click Here and a review of our Black multimedia keyboard Click Here

August 31,2001

New review of the PC60 Aluminum Click Here

August 29,2001

President of, was interviewed on the
General Protection Fault radio show about the exciting ATX case world.

August 18, 2001

ATXCASES Releases 400 watt power supply specialAugust 17, 2001

3DGAMEMAN- Video Review of Minnion Click Here

August 5, 2001

Radeonic- New review of Mirror Black Click Here

July 15, 2001

new review out Mouse Review

June 25, 2001

New review out of the 303 Black Stainless Click Here

May 16, 2001

Inside Hardware- Minnion S review out Click HereMay 13, 2001

Reviews Aluminum Lian-Li PC60

Click here to read the great review on 205 PC60

April 25, 2001

WOW The Minnion Review is out from Mikhailtech. Click Here to read the Minnion Review

You can count on Mikhailtech for the best unbiased reviews.

Millennium and Matrix will be back soon!!!

April 22, 2001

Coming to a computer show near you!! ATXCASES hit the road and attended computer show. View1 , View2

ATXCASES will be traveling US 2001. We will be at a computer show near you soon.Planned Shows 2001


April 15, 2001

FIC Motherboard chooses 301 Minnion for there AMD Road show as FIC'sCase for there DREAM SYSTEM Click Here

April 1, 2001

New review at Mikhailtech on Fong- Kai case. Click Here

March 20, 2001

New review at speedy3d of our 208 Black USB Stainless. Click Here

New review on our great selling 207 Blue USB Stainless. Click Here

Nov. 1, 2000 NEWS: Article in PC GAMER WORLD a Ziff Davis magazine page 160.

Thanks to our customers for telling them there is a company "Changing the way you see PC's" and "We can think different to" : )

Oct. 25, 2000
ATXCASES becomes first partner with FIC Motherboard.
Read more

Oct. 18, 2000
ATXCASES signs up over 250 resellers to date. Find a local reseller

Sept. 15, 2000
Sierra Software makers of Diablo and many other games chose ATXCASES to provide computer cases for trade show displays.

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